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 Infrastructure Equipment and Services, Inc. was established in Philippines as a full line distributor of the world's leading cable and pipe installation and  detection equipment. 
Infrastructure Equipment and Services, Inc. represents companies such as Ditch Witch, Condux and DW/TXS Equipment in Philippines.  We provide accessories and support equipment from manufacturers from the USA and Europe. We are a one stop shop for products  in the cable  and pipe  installation industry in Philippines.

 Our local factory trained service personnel are on call 24/7 to provide service and repairs on a real time basis to reduce down time and outages. We stock  parts to support the equipment we have sold to our customers. We stock good quality reconditioned pre-owned HDD units and trenchers for sale and  rent. Our mission is to partner with our customers to increase their productivity and income by providing the best equipment and after sales service in the  industry. 

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