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Locate It All – Successfully locating Unexploded Ordinances (UXO) in the Philippines

Subsite® 2550GR Ground Penetrating Radar System

On 24 Apr, USAE Philippines office, Infrastructure Equipment and Services (IES), had a very successful GPR Demo at the proposed staging Area for the Philippine National Railway (PNR) Clark Station.  We were able to successfully demonstrate that the Subsite® 2550GR GPR can be successfully used to locate unexploded ordinances (UXO) prior to excavating at a jobsite.

The Blue Flags mark the areas with high magnetic responses indicating there are potentially UXOs buried there.


The customer selected 5 target points for us to scan, points 27 – 31.  We scanned in a Grid and measured 5meters around the target points and marked the locations where they should excavate with flags.


At point 31 we got this reading indicating a possible UXO or utility.

With the results from the Subsite 2550GR Ground Penetrating Radar System the customer can safely excavate the point and safely remove the ordinance.

The Subsite® 2550GR Ground Penetrating Radar System will help you locate any type of utility conduit or piping—metallic or non-metallic, including PVC—beneath soil, rock, pavement, and other surfaces.

Infrastructure Equipment and Services, Inc. Grand Opening

IES Grand Opening Highlights on 10 Dec 2018


Subsite 2550GR Demo in Philippines

Subsite 2550GR demo in Philippines

Subsite 2550GR demo in PH - 19/Jul/18 - Pic 1

Subsite 2550GR demo in PH - 19/Jul/18 - Pic 2
Subsite 2550GR demo in PH - 19/Jul/18 - Pic 3

Vacuworx Demo in Philippines

Vacuworx demo to our customers in Philippines


FTTH Council Asia Pacific Conference 2018

FTTH Council Asia Pacific Conference 2018
8-10 May 2018
Manila, Philippines

TrenchlessTH Council Asia Pacific Conference 2018

Trenchless Asia 2018 (07-May-18 to 08-May-18)

Trenchless Asia 2018 was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 07/May to 08/May.
It is a great opportunity to meet with old and new customers and showcase the machines, new products and introduce new technology to the market. We had lots of visitors at our booths during the event and we managed to sell the refurbished AT30 to our old customer in the Philippines. 

Principals who participated in the Exhibition such as: 
Ditch Witch
DW/TXS Construction Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Reduct NV
AMC - Drilling Optimisation
American Augers
North Star (Beijing) Machinery & Drilling Tools Co Ltd
MTI ® Equipment

Infrastructure Equipment and Services, Inc. would like to thank everyone for visiting our booths.


City Infrastructure Philippines 2017

City Infrastructure Philippines 2017 (16/Nov2017 ~ 17/Nov/2017)


Trenchless Philippines 2016

Trenchless Philippines 2016 (22-Nov-16 to 24-Nov-16)


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